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Solar Myths And Misconceptions

Breaking into renewable energies means breaking down some of the common misconceptions that mystify the solar industry. Below are listed some myths and frequently asked questions that keep homeowners on the outside of solar energy. 


Is It Really “Free Energy”? 

First, a bit on renewable energy. Everyday the sun rises with enough free energy to power the universe to kingdom come. Yet everyday, most of us resort to nonrenewable energy such as coal to power our lives. Why? It’s cheaper (at first), and the energy structures for most homes are already set up to do nonrenewable energy. In the end, nonrenewable energies are like renting your energy instead of owning it. Solar energy is free to anyone that has paid off a solar system, and with the money you pay to rent nonrenewable energy you could be putting it into a system. Point blank, money must be spent on energy, and you could be spending towards free energy instead of into energy you'll never own.

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How Does Solar Energy Save The Environment?

When we stay in the cycle of using non renewable energy, we play our part in destroying the environment. It doesn’t seem to matter in the moment, but at some point we have to begin to build for the future, and with the next generation in mind. At the end of the day, to garner coal and power our homes, we must bare strip mountains, use explosives, and pollute streams and lungs. The amount of damage it does to garner non-renewable energy source is quite the head scratcher when, just above us, all the power we’ll ever need rises freely. Solar’s sense is projected to change the trajectory of solar energy, and the environments wellness is the fruit of this shift.

Do I Have To Have A New Roof To Get A Solar System? 

A solar system can be installed on either the roof or the ground, and with the roof, it is recommended that the roof be new or recently updated. Having a roofing contractor come and look at your roof to make a recommendation would be wise. He can tell you whether or not you need to do an entire replacement or some minor fixes. 

Solar Energy Electric Bill

Does Solar Mean That I’ll Have No Electric Bill?

When an installer puts in a solar system at your house, he bases the size of the system off of your last twelve months of utility bills. Ideally, the system is built so that the amount of energy you’ve always used is the same amount of energy your system gets from the sun on a daily basis. If you treat your energy as conservatively as you treated it when you used nonrenewable energy, you’ll have no bill. You will use the amount of energy the system gets from the sun.

What About When It’s Dark Or When It’s Cloudy?

Your system can have a unique relationship with the grid that works in this way:

When the sun is out and you’re out at work, your unused energy your system is getting must go somewhere. It goes to the grid, and the grid holds it for you until you get home. This way, even though you get home after dark, it’s as if your home and it’s eight in the morning. The grid holds energy and gives it back when you need it. In a sunny region like Northern California, this relationship with the grid really heightens the chance of complete dependence on nonrenewable energy. 

Final Thoughts 

Ultimately, we must do something to reverse our effects on the environment. We are finding that solar energy is slowly saving the environment, that energy structures are incentivizing the nonrenewable movement in different ways, and that the government is giving tax rebate to the solar owner. Request a free quote for solar energy, and finding out how you can save the world while saving your wallet.

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