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Sun Rush: The Future Certainty Of Solar Energy

Experts are calling it “The Sun Rush”, and in the last couple decades, it has been nothing short of one. Solar energy is the fastest growing power source this century. The industry is making a push to develop the next wave of solar technology, of which will create quality solar systems at an affordable price. So how is this process going?

How Does A Solar System Operate?

Every morning the sun rises with enough energy to power the universe, yet the sun’s free energy only converts to electricity for the person with a solar system. The sun is retracted by solar cells (made of mostly silicone) that move the sun’s energy down a direct current to a converter. The converter turns the direct current (DC) to alternate current (AC). AC is the current required to provide electricity to a house. 

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A Power Play

Of all the elements in the earth, silicone is the most abundant one. Silicone is also the element proven to extract the most energy from the sun. For all this “sun rush”, the solar industry is hopeful to know the material that makes for the best solar panels (silicon), is also the material we have the most of. On the production side, the price for a solar system has dropped 60% in the last decade, with predictions to continue dropping in coming years. Solar has gone beyond just an earth saving endeavor, and into a wise financial investment. With the abundance of silicon, it’s just a matter of time before solar panels become affordable for all of America. In the future, logicality will embrace renewable energy, as Americans delve deeper into the sustainability of all things. Renewable energy is the solution of our lifetimes. It is from the outlet of renewable energy that earth materializes a feasible future. 

Solar Energy Power Technology

 If Silicon is so Plenteous, Then What Makes Solar so Expensive?

Solar prices are the lowest they’ve ever been. The future of solar is connected to the trajectory of a couple things. Outside the US, solar is beginning to carry the reputation as “the cheapest unsubsidized energy, anywhere, by any technology.” Solar’s ability to become proven as an industry in multiple first-world countries lends to its success in the U.S. As soft costs decrease here at home, it’s just a matter of time before solar carries the same clout. The energy infrastructure in America really started to change when utility companies started incentivizing solar. Homeowners in city limits will find that utility companies give rebates to solar owners, and hold unused energy free of charge. Even with solars slow growth in the US, infrastructure is evolving to support a renewable future.

Solar energy’s only other variable—technology. The solar system is the only part of the solar equation that needs help. The sun will always rise, and it’s energy, at least to this date, is not controlled by man or by government. This plays to the advantage of the solar enthusiast. On the other hand, fossil fuels must run through many hands to get to the homeowner. The future of solar energy looks the most certain in the energy conversation.

Last Thoughts

Solar’s newest wave of panel technology sets the homeowner up for 25 years of warrantied, working energy. In the 25-35 year range, these same systems are proven to lose very little of their efficiency. The leading systems in the industry continues to make a more durable system every year. Those that invest in a solar system before 2020 will also receive a 30% tax rebate on their system. To this end, solar shines as a sustainable energy solution as the world reverses its effect on the environment.

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