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Addy Values

At Addy Solar and Electric, it is a privilege to partner with you and your vision to create a professional look that will complement your home. We take pride in our creative designs, reasonable prices, and outstanding service. The result will be an excellent product that will last for decades. Solar is not just a job to us, we view it as an investment for your future. That is why we also have top values and priorities that will bring our services to the top.

Within the past years we have noticed our customers love the investment they have made. And there is no doubt why- 3 reasons: Quality, Communication, and Cost Value!

Addy Solar uses materials made by companies who also take pride in their product. We have invested time into learning about the best products we can deliver to your project. When using quality products you gain the advantage of a solar system that will fit your needs, and look wonderful on either a roof or land.

Throughout the process of the job, communication is one of our top priorities! We want to make sure that our customers are fully aware of the process in which they have put so much trust into. From the beginning to end, our customers are aware of the layout to how the job is preceding. We want our customers involved, and love when asked questions.

Often high quality materials means high pricing, however at Addy Solar, we want the best pricing for you. We have high quality materials at a low cost. We value being honest to our customers. When signing with Addy Solar you are fully informed about the materials we are purchasing for your project. We have spec sheets, and layouts that are sent to you for your records. We do not hide anything.

We want to represent the solar industry to our customers in the best way possible. Overall, we want an outstanding experience for our customers, and our customers to experience the great possibilities of saving money while experiencing the utmost energy for your home.


Addy Solar would like to thank all of our customers who have supported us, and teamed up with us throughout the years. We appreciate you and look forward to hearing about how wonderful solar is for you and how it has impacted your life.

Addy Solar & Electric
Addy Solar & Electric
Addy Solar & Electric was started by Danny Addy, an electrician with 14 years of industry experience. Since 2012, we've installed hundreds of solar systems across Northern California.

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