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Lifetime Savings For Solar Panel Owners

Everyday the sun comes up with enough energy to power every conceived electric idea. The sun’s energy can be used and used freely, so long as someone has paid off a solar system. While everybody else is paying for energy they can never own, the solar owner pays into free energy. Here is the journey of how a curious solar customer becomes his own power plant.

The Loan

When a homeowner buys a solar system, they probably get a loan for it. Let’s say the system cost $30,000 dollars. At the end of the year, they get the Solar ITC Tax Credit and it takes off $9,000 to make the system cost a total of $21,000 dollars. The homeowner moves into this loan having greatly reduced (if not completely deduced) their electric bill, because the system has been sized so that what the homeowner needs in electricity, the system is built to collect from the sun. The installer sizes the system based on the homeowners last couple years of energy usage. Ideally, the system will collect enough energy from the sun so that the homeowner doesn't have to buy any from the grid. Once the homeowner pays off the loan, they may experience the actuality of free energy. With little to no electric bill, the homeowner can channel more of their finances towards the loan. 

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The Warranty

Most of the systems being installed in the price range mentioned above come with a 25 year warranty. Tests on these systems indicate little loss in efficiency from years 25-35. So the homeowner has 35 years or more to enjoy a system that produces free energy, and the energy is truly free after the system is paid for.


Lifetime savings homeowner solar energy


Solar Sense

If we look at the amount on an average loan, the time it takes to pay it off (which is up to the homeowner), and the warranty that can keep a good system up on the roof for 40 years, we find that the homeowner could experience 30 years of free energy. Here’s the overview: In a forty year window, the non-solar owner spends $62,400 on energy. The solar owner spends $30,000 for a system to collect the free energy the sun gives. If you’ve found a house to settle down in, solar is an opportunity to capitalize on your investment. You’ve stopped the renting process, and now it’s time to own not only your house but the energy by which your home runs and functions. The sun’s energy is yours for the taking.

Final Thoughts

The solar customer becomes a solar owner, and pays a price to take advantage of the free energy abounding just above us. With the size of the initial investment, it doesn’t look like it at first, but in 8-10 years we find that the homeowner has not only payed off their system, they’re living on free energy. Paralleled to this option is the smaller, nevertheless infinite payment on nonrenewable energy. We’re saying that in the lifetime of the solar system, the homeowner could save up to $30,000 by switching to solar. Real savings happen when we plan years before for what we want for the future. Solar thinks ahead for energy, and you should too.

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