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Solar Energy Storage: Take Your Power to the Next Level

Solar panels are great, but what if your solar system could have a brain? Sound ridiculous? New innovations are coming out every day to optimize, store, budget, and predict your solar energy usage, and with a smart battery system attached to your solar panels, you’ll break into a whole new level of savings and optimization.

With a traditional Grid-Tied System, you still operate with some level of dependence on the grid. When the sun goes down, your solar panels stop sending energy to your home or business, and you switch back to the grid for your electrical needs. This is the typical understanding of solar energy, and what most people expect when they install solar panels for their home.

There’s another option available to solar owners, and we believe that it’s the best option. With solar batteries installed on-site, you can tap into the power your solar panels generate around the clock, and in some cases even create a money-generating machine by selling energy back to the energy company. That’s right. You could be eligible for the electricty company paying YOU.

solar edge inverters storage

The StorEdge Inverter

This is the “brains” of the operation. With the StorEdge Inverter, you can make your solar panels work more efficiently and powerfully than a traditional grid-tied system allows. Here are a few key aspects of the StorEdge system:

  1. Independence from the Grid
    The biggest hurdle with traditional solar power is that the most energy is collected during the time of day when you need the least energy. When you’re away from home and the sun is shining, you’re generating power. When you’re home and the sun goes down, you’re stuck with the grid. With solar energy storage, you store your excess energy to use later. Nothing is wasted, and you aren’t reliant on the grid to light up your home when the sun goes down.

  2. Time of Use Optimization
    Think of this like day trading for solar energy. With solar energy storage, you get the power to buy and sell energy to and from the grid when prices are best. You can draw energy from the grid when it’s cheapest (the middle of the night), and then sell back surplus energy when it’s most expensive (morning and evening). Without being solely dependent on the grid when you need energy, the power is in your hands, not theirs. addy solar redding ca energy storage

  3. Full Visibility with the SolarEdge Portal
    There’s no guesswork with SolarEdge, the makers of the StorEdge Inverter System. With their online portal, you can see real-time metrics and reporting for your solar panel system. You can see if there are trees or other objects impeding your energy collection, or if all of your panels are performing at top capacity. You’ll be able to tell how much energy your family is using directly from your solar panels, from your battery system, and how much you’re sending back to the grid.

  4. Back-Up Power
    “What happens if the grid goes down?” This is a question we’re asked all the time. With traditional solar power, if the grid goes down, you’re out of luck. With SolarEdge technology and the StorEdge system, you don’t have to worry about power outages, because you have back-up power stored and ready to go. Depending on the capacity of your batteries, you will most likely be able to power your home for the duration of the outage.

With the ability to store the power you make at your home, the power is back in your hands. When we ask our past clients why they made the switch to solar, most of them explain to us that they wanted independence from the energy company. They didn’t like the unpredictable monthly bills, and the rising costs of electricity. With solar energy and the extra benefits of the StorEdge battery, the tables have turned. You’ll reap the benefits of fixed monthly payments (or zero monthly payments after you pay off your investment!), make money off the energy company, and be well-prepared in the case of outages. It’s possible with solar.

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