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A Fresh Wave Of Solar Technology: The Fixed Voltage System

In the last decade, the solar industry has labored to lay out a durable system that lasts over the years and through the heat. SolarEdge now provides a system that is forerunning in the frontier of renewable energy. It’s called the Fixed String Voltage System, and it comes as the latest answer to the industry. So, what’s so good about it? 

The evolution of solar technology has worked in this way:

Years ago, the first solar system out there was called a Traditional String System. The system ran together in a series of positive strands connecting to negative strands in order to string the panels together. The fundamental flaw in this system was that because the system was strung together, the longevity of the system is reduced to the weakest panel. Another words, if one panel is shaded, they might as well all be shaded. 

This is one of a couple reasons why the traditional string system is passing away (read more in depth by clicking on the ebook book link below). The next system to come along was the Micro-Inverter. The micro-inverter sends out an inverter to each panel to essentially create the independence of each panel. Although this added strength and longevity to the panels in the system (they are no affected by the weakest panel in this way), it lost out in other areas. By micronizing the inverter, the system could no longer keep up with the higher wattage efficiencies that panels can achieve. This is called peak shaving, and it has reduced efficiency enough to send the solar industry back to the lab for a new and improved system. 

Click here to see the evolution of solar technology

The Fixed String Voltage System

The Fixed String Voltage System has busted through the solar market by providing maximum efficiency for the home and business owner. How so? The micronization of the inverter shaved potential power off of the panels possible efficiency. The Fixed string sends out an optimizer instead of a mini-inverter, and the optimizer allows the panels to work to the top of their potential.

The Fixed String is also referred to as a DC Optimizer system. It brings the inverter back into the shade and back to normal size and sends out these optimizers to enable the inverter work at a fixed voltage. By setting the voltage that flows through the inverter to a fixed rate, the inverter can operate under less stress. That fixed rate enables the DC-AC inversion efficiency to remain steady despite changing conditions. The optimizer is tested to maintain 98.8% weighted conversion efficiency through various tested conditions. 

Solar Technology Fixed String Solar

Final Thoughts

With optimal design and high efficiency, The Fixed String System is changing the way we make use of renewable energy. This system used by SolarEdge has become the preferred system to install by Addy Solar & Electric. With hundreds of systems installed in the Northern California, yours could be next. 

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Addy Solar & Electric
Addy Solar & Electric was started by Danny Addy, an electrician with 14 years of industry experience. Since 2012, we've installed hundreds of solar systems across Northern California.

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